Hi We are Dean and Angella Hopkins (Angella’s Thai name is Sompassorn Bhuvawatcharapisut).

Dean is an Interior Architect and Artist from London, England and Angella is Make up Artist and Marketer from Bangkok, Thailand and we live mostly in Australia currently.

We are entrepreneurs who like to run a number of business’s online and offline and we love travel between Australia and Thailand and help travelers going to Thailand get the most from their Thailand experience.

We also like to promote cultural harmony between East and West and love sharing our story to inspire and help other mixed couples with their relationships which can sometimes be challenging.

Our Story……

It’s true we did meet online in 2009 and even coming from different countries, cultures and speaking a different language we somehow managed to find each other and take the kind of action you need to take to be together. But it wasn’t easy and our story had so many twists and turns in it that the truth is we almost didn’t make it.

 It is possible to find real love online.

This is why we wrote our story and have made it available on Amazon Kindle so others can find out what we did and how we did it. So you can see how you can find quality people and quality relationships online no matter who you are, where you come from and what you have been through…divorce, grief, business disasters you name it….because we did it!

‘Dean and Angella’s “Romance in Cyberspace” is their real life love story that spans two countries- Australia and Thailand, and is filled with suspense and excitement at every turn. It is an incredible story of two seemingly unrelated individuals that are drawn together by an amazing thread of fate and end with a match made in the heavens’. Alex. Read the rest of this review


‘I finally had some time to read it tonight. I am so glad that i waited to read it! I thought I would read a few chapters but as it turned out, I read the whole thing! I could not stop reading once i started! You will have to forgive me.. I am not real good at expressing what I want to say.. I have the words, but from brain to hand they sometimes get lost… I enjoyed the book very much! I knew how it ended but I never knew how it started and what happened in the middle.. it was so wonderful to read your story! I think your book will inspire and or give hope to anyone who reads it! I love the fact that you told not only the good things that happend but the bad as well’    Brenda


‘This real life love story is written in such a way that you identify with and feel for both of them at the same time. It is powerful and moving! Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of romance novels – but this one is different… like The Notebook, Bruce. Read the rest of this review


Find Out more about our story here:

Romance in Cyberspace

With Love, Hope and Inspiration