Do you need some advice about Thailand, travel in Thailand, places to go and where to stay, Thai culture, business or just about anything to do with Thailand?

Maybe we can help you!

With so many years of experience living, working and traveling in Thailand and with Angella being Thai with a lot of family and contacts in Thailand there is probably not a lot that we can’t help you with.

Maybe you need some advice on:

  • How to experience a not so touristy Thailand
  • Where are the best cultural places to visit
  • Interesting hotels and accomodation
  • How to get around in Thailand
  • Learn more about Thai Culture and Thai language
  • How to do business in Thailand
  • Relationships with Thai Nationals, Marriage Visa’s etc
  • How to travel Thailand on a tight budget
  • Living in Thailand
  • Much more………

Over the years we have found ourselves giving many people lot’s of advice about a great many subjects about Thailand for which we have received much gratitude and so we are happy to offer our knowledge and experience.

  • Maybe it’s just some simple advice we can provide completely for free.
  • Or maybe you want more specialist advice and assistance for which we can work out a fee to help you.

Either way we are here to help and you can contact us on or feel free to send us a message on facebook