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How to get your self confidence back and increase your happiness when you lose weight the natural way

The Natural Formula we used to lose 8kg in a few months that actually improved our health as well….

Couple weight loss

We had both been trying to lose weight for some time, in fact Angella had always been up and down with her weight all her life. I was fortunate it was only until I hit my 40’s that the weight started to appear and as I have approached 50 the weight gets harder to lose.

When we met back in 2009 we were both in good shape but since living in Australia and the lifestyle there has piled on a few kg’s….and getting older has made weight management a more serious issue. In fact on a recent visit to the Doctor for a health check in 2016 he told me I needed to lose 10kg….at that stage I was 95kg.

We are not fans of crazy fad diets as we both still like to enjoy eating good food and a few drinks ( well I do Angella doesn’t drink much alcohol ) and like most people we were vary wary of the chemicals in some weight loss pills and the consequences of side effects later. Neither of us like to kill ourselves in the gym everyday either so we needed something that was easy and would fit our lifestyle.

We wanted something that would work, was easy to do and was 100% natural…..

In 2016 we joined the natural health revolution and have been trying out many alternative and natural health solutions since with some great results in improved health…….. and weight loss has been one of those great results!

So in this video we reveal the formula we have used to get such great but realistic results……….oh and that’s another thing too, these are realistic results….not we lost 100kg in 2 days by eating nothing but chocolate sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV! There is a little bit of effort involved,

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