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Did we use the law of attraction to find each other? The truth is this.

We often get asked if we used the law of attraction to find each other and so we will tell you the truth here:

Part of the reason we wrote our bookRomance in Cyberspace was to give people the answer to this question but in the book we don’t just answer it we actually tell the story of what we both did, what we both thought before and after we met and how it came to be that two complete strangers from very different backgrounds eventually came together in love and we let you decide for yourself.

Law of Attraction in love Dean and Angella

You see many couples where the woman is from Thailand and the man is from the West be it England, America or Australia ( in this case Dean was from England but lived in Australia) meet because the man will go to Thailand on holiday and fall in love with a pretty Thai girl half his age and then take her back to his country to get married. There are many stories of this scenario, many of which don’t turn out to be too good…but that’s another story.

The other scenario is they meet on some dating site and pretty much the same thing happens. This is the normal way and you will most likely have heard many of the horror stories out there too. This is not really the law of Attraction at work in a positive way…it is still at work but in a more negative way.

Ok, so on with the post because in this case non of that happened. Also Angella is almost the same age as Dean and neither were actually looking for each other…or at least they were not consciously aware of that.

You see when you know what both Dean and Angella did before they met and also right at the beginning of their meeting online you will probably decide they were both using the law of attraction. Things like writing down their ideal partner, removing emotional blocks from past relationships and dreaming of and even visualizing the type of relationship they both wanted, believing it would happen but then detaching from the outcome by getting on with life are all techniques that the Guru law of Attraction experts say you should do. However, none of this was actually done with quite that purpose in mind.

Another funny thing is that Dean was actually quite ‘au fait’ with the law of attraction but did not have the purpose to use it to find a woman as he did not think it would happen for a few years. He wrote down his idea of his perfect partner, even had a picture in his mind as well as the kind of emotion he wanted to feel but then he let go of all expectation and wanting…. which is classic detachment and law of attraction of attraction Dean Hopkins

loaAngella had very little learned knowledge of the law of attraction because in Thailand although the book “The Secret” was available the law of attraction was not a widely known concept and of course it was initially all in English. Yet she had instinctively been using those techniques for years in her life without knowing what they were called. She had a firm belief in her heart and mind that Mr Right would find her and she again practiced detachment by not expecting and Mr right did in fact find her…..although the exact circumstances were somewhat of a surprise, but you will need to read the story to find out what happened there.

So what this means is that both Angella and Dean did use the law of attraction but not purposely to find each other which allowed them to be slightly detached from the outcome. Both acted mainly on intuition and by following their heart which is of course all part of the law of attraction, and when they finally did confess their feelings for each other they took inspired action to make things happen in reality.

So does the law of attraction work in love and relationships? It sure does and you can take plenty from Our Story to show you the best way to apply it and find love for yourself. But we have found the key to this is in taking action especially if you meet online like we did. You need to make things happen that will move the relationship forward. To often we hear of people meeting online and they take too long to meet each other and then it all fizzles out and that is so sad. How many opportunities for love are lost that way?

We both wish you love, hope and inspiration in attracting a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Is Destiny Real?

Is Destiny Real or do we Create Our Own Future?

Do you ever think about where you are in your life right now and wonder if someone had told you at 20 years old where you would be right now would you have believed it?

Is Destiny real

So is it destiny, is destiny real or do we create it ourselves?

It is funny how the map of our lives unfolds throughout our life and how one thing leads to another on the journey. You can’t help wonder if every decision you have made that leads you along certain path’s was predestined or do we have absolute free will or maybe a combination of both.

At the time, when you are in a particular situation it often feels like you have absolute control over the choice. You feel at the time that you can consciously work out where each choice will lead you. “If I do this ..then that will happen.’

So that’s what makes it interesting when you look back at the path or path’s you have chosen and start to see it in perspective. No disrespect to younger people but you really need a few years under your belt to appreciate this, to be able to have real perspective. Difficult to see that much under the age of 30 really….too busy making choices and experiencing to reflect back.

If someone had told us when we were younger where we would be now we would never have believed it!

We have said a number of times that if someone had told us at 21 we would be living in Australia married to a Thai woman or an English man coming from Thailand and England we both have said it would have been difficult to comprehend. Yet that is exactly where we are today and even though we can both see the path’s that led us here it still amazes us how it all came about and without either of us really foreseeing it, at least not until much later in our lives that is.

So is destiny real?  Was it law of attraction? Or was it pure coincidence, a game of chance?

What about technology as well? For us it seems difficult to believe we would have met each other without the internet playing a part in the process because coming from England and Thailand is a world apart. We do know though that taking action is also at the core of our meeting. Being prepared to take a risk and to travel to see each other has been very important and we always say that if you begin any relationship online you must try and bring it into physical reality as soon as possible and as regular as possible until it become permanent.

Is Destiny real

Taking action is actually a big part of the whole key to living a fulfilling and interesting life. Whether it small action or large action nothing will happen until you take some!

So what about you?

Do you look back at your life so far and marvel at the complex connections that have taken place to bring you to where you are now? The times when you think you are going in the wrong direction, when things seem not to be working or uncomfortable only to find later that if they didn’t happen you would not have then achieved some form of success or joy!

With Love and Inspiration

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