It was 2 years 2 day on October 22 that we first met and 2day is our anniversary….lol. Do you see we have a slight interest in the number 2…..well 22 actually but we do have a love of numerology and this number has been very focal and positive in our life.

Dean and Angella and number 22

We are so happy right now to celebrate our anniversary especially as we are now together on a permanent basis.

It is a strange feeling sometimes to know that we no longer need to worry about visa’s running out, time running out and trips to the airport to say our goodbyes until next time. Sometimes next time has not been confirmed and so it takes a lot of strength to face those moments.

But now we have passed that stage…that stage we thought would never pass. The saying all things must surely come to pass is so very very true but at the time it seems a lifetime away.

We know there must be many other couples out there who have similar situations, who have to be apart, who don’t know when they will be able to meet again or even meet for the first time. You have a love, you have a hope and a dream for the future but your present does not support it. We know, we have been there and we know how hard it can be.

What we can say is you must keep your faith and belief. If your love is meant to be then it will happen but you need to show you are worthy and have the strength to own it. Sometimes you must be prepared to pay the price and love is no different really. Everyone believes love should be so easy that once you find “The One” then everything will be allright.

Dean and Angella anniversary

It doesn’t quite work that way is what we have learned but it can work out and it can be as wonderful as you hope it will be.

We hope that our celebration can give you hope and if you would like to read more then read our post over at our other site as we talk even more about this topic.


For now wherever you are in the world and whatever your situation is, we wish you love, hope and inspiration for the future.