As we prepare this site for launch and public publication we realize a lot has happened since our first meeting over 2 years ad go now in October 2009.

Dean and Angella settle down in Perth 2011

We are finally in a position where we no longer have to spend agonizing times apart due to visa’s running out and the need to get back to our own countries. We have for the moment settled in Australia and whilst we don’t intend to stay here permanently it is our homebase for now.

Angella has successfully migrated to Perth, Australia with her youngest son and we now live in a comfortable house albeit temporary as we build up our business together and plan the stage of our life journey.

And journey it is and has been!

But this is not the time to tell our story you can read about that in another place. The thing is we realize how difficult it is not only to find love but to keep it and if like us you come from different countries and different cultures and have been married before with children then the whole thing can really be quite complicated…..and it makes it easy to lose hope and give up.

There is a saying….“Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win” and it is so true. This saying applies not only to business, sport and other achievements but also to love and relationships. We know this first hand because many a time we could have just walked away because it was all too hard and you know no-one would have blamed us…

Except ourselves that is……

Dean and Angella settle down in Perth 2011

You know there is a funny thing about love…… can be easier to walk away than to stay in it. Because staying in it means commitment and the courage to face many challenges not just in your life but within yourself. At times it might have been easier for both of us to walk away and go back to our own lives. As much as we love each other some of the difficulties we have faced could easily have torn us apart.

But when we face difficulty, when we have courage to be true to our heart and follow it’s guidance it is amazing how it can lead you into the most amazing places you ever dreamed of.

And that is where we are right now!