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Can someone really read your future from a coffee cup?

Angella with Lanka Coffee Cup FortunetellerThere is a woman in Perth who can read your future by getting you to drink from a special cup of coffee and reading the pictures that the thick residue leaves on the inside of the cup. We have been to see her a number of times now over the past 2 years and can report some very interesting experiences.


She is surprisingly accurate but……

The thing with this particular woman is that we have been to see her quite a few times now and she is remarkably accurate in her reading if you can just filter her opinions. We always recommend that you take more notice of the first few things she says when she sees a picture and not what she begins to reinforce afterwards with her own opinion because like all things spiritually psychic it works on intuition and not the conscious mind.

With that said it is interesting how many things have been correct even when we didn’t know it. For example Angella went to see this woman when she was in Australia 6 months before we actually met in 2009 and she did foretell that Angella would meet a man from Europe and he would surprise her in some way. She also spoke of a choice she would have to make and even more remarkably that the right man would have a hat from his country.

Is it just clever psychology though?

Now we do tell about this story in our book but the fact is that Dean is from England (even though living in Australia) and when we first met he did have a hat with him that had England on it. He also surprised Angella by making the decision to go and see her in Thailand very quickly after we had confessed growing feelings for each other.

coffee cup fortuneteller Dean and Angella siteWith that said it is also curious to wonder how she can actually tell things about our future from the residue left by coffee in a coffee cup. There is a lot skepticism about these things especially from the more scientific based community who prefer absolute evidence of how these things work. Many naysayers will say it’s just psychology and that she almost cold reads people telling them what they want to hear and the rest is the psychology of the person interpreting things to fit the picture they really want.

That is certainly plausible but even with the writers extensive knowledge of human psychology we are left wondering can a 68  year old Macadonian woman really have such extensive knowledge of pyschology, hypnosis and cold reading to be able to dupe intelligent people in that way ? Yes she does add her opinion to things but that is very easy to recognize and filter during the reading, in fact it is important to be aware enough to do this and not take her opinions as the truth or the message but the signs she gets.

So how does this stuff work?

Our very basic analysis and suggestion is that the the coffee cup and coffee is just a tool, a method if you like of interpreting and delivering information that is recieved from the ethereal dimension. She is just an instrument a receiver who has a particular method to  get the information, others use tarot cards, others use tea leaves, palms and many other such methods, her method as strange as it may seem is coffee.

So where does the information come from?

It comes from us!

Spiritual body on Dean and AngellaIf you can imagine when you sit in front of her sipping on your coffee your physical body is there but so is also your spiritual body or your energy if you like. Some people call this the aura. Along with all that spiritual energy that our eyes cannot see is all the information about you as you are connected on a different level to the spiritual field, universe, zero point filed or quantum resonance field as more scientific follower are refering to it these days, and that field is vibrating with energetic information about you, past, present and dare I say it but future as well.

The reader has a particular intiutive ability to pick up on this energy information and receive it and then intepret it as signs and then deliver those signs to you. You might be able to see now where you can get good and bad readers because it is the purity of reading the signs that is important and not adding their own pyschological/egoical interpretation and also the reaction they get from you that is important.

It’s nothing new really

History tells us that this type of practice has been around for millennia all over the world. From Ancient Egyptian rituals to Greek astrology, tarot reading and the IChing divination and prophecy has been an integral part of human culture. It’s just that in more recent years Science, The Church and Industry has taken precedence especially in the West.

Without wishing to cause an argument and with utmost respect the fact is religious controllers outlawed much of these belief’s and practices for centuries and fuelled much of the skepticism we have today in the West. We seem to have cycles of resurgence in more escoteric and spiritual viewpoints only to see so called rational thinking suppress it into seeming stupid, childish and unrealistic.

Asia is more positive

praying to budhhaWhat is interesting is that Asia has been relatively unaffected by this skepticism as much of history’s oppression of such matters has been centred in Europe. This is why when you travel to Asia you see spiritual practice, belief and respect on a daily basis with no real scientific explanations required. It is accepted as an integral part of their culture and life.

But the West has been changing again in recent years. As the scientific community begins to draw closer to spiritual ideas that are now backed up with scientific evidence more and more people are admitting their interest in metaphysical matters. It would see that in fact many people actually want there to be something in it all as it gives hope to something more in life.

Is there something in it?

Having had many experiences between us both in Asia and the West we have both come to believe that there is something in it. It’s hard to deny the accuracy of the coffee cup readings as well as other readings we have had. Wishful thinking aside even some of the negative things have been true.

For us we will continue to have these experiences and continue to research, learn and experience this amazing life and all it has to offer.



2 hearts 2 years 2 Day


Dean and Angella November 21st 2011


  1. Gloria

    Hi, I happen to find your blog here and I was wondering if this coffee cup fortune teller, her name is Liliana? The reason for asking is because I saw her in 2006 and she helped me with a very criteria time in life. I would like to find her again and say thanks but I lost her contact and her email address she gave us doesn’t work anymore after all these years.

    It would be great if this is her and you can send me her phone number and address again. Many thanks in advance!!!! 🙂

  2. Bolorma

    Dear Mr and Mrs

    I lives in LA with my sister and nephew. I really am wanted to coffee reader which is get some courage to lead my humble life without lose hope or faith. Hope I’ll hear from you soon. Thanks for your precious time for my humble writing.

    Best regards,

  3. Biljana

    Hi there I was curious as to what state the coffee reader is in and if it’s possible to contact her?
    I’ve recently been looking for good coffee resder.

    Thank you

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