Is Destiny Real or do we Create Our Own Future?

Do you ever think about where you are in your life right now and wonder if someone had told you at 20 years old where you would be right now would you have believed it?

Is Destiny real

So is it destiny, is destiny real or do we create it ourselves?

It is funny how the map of our lives unfolds throughout our life and how one thing leads to another on the journey. You can’t help wonder if every decision you have made that leads you along certain path’s was predestined or do we have absolute free will or maybe a combination of both.

At the time, when you are in a particular situation it often feels like you have absolute control over the choice. You feel at the time that you can consciously work out where each choice will lead you. “If I do this ..then that will happen.’

So that’s what makes it interesting when you look back at the path or path’s you have chosen and start to see it in perspective. No disrespect to younger people but you really need a few years under your belt to appreciate this, to be able to have real perspective. Difficult to see that much under the age of 30 really….too busy making choices and experiencing to reflect back.

If someone had told us when we were younger where we would be now we would never have believed it!

We have said a number of times that if someone had told us at 21 we would be living in Australia married to a Thai woman or an English man coming from Thailand and England we both have said it would have been difficult to comprehend. Yet that is exactly where we are today and even though we can both see the path’s that led us here it still amazes us how it all came about and without either of us really foreseeing it, at least not until much later in our lives that is.

So is destiny real?  Was it law of attraction? Or was it pure coincidence, a game of chance?

What about technology as well? For us it seems difficult to believe we would have met each other without the internet playing a part in the process because coming from England and Thailand is a world apart. We do know though that taking action is also at the core of our meeting. Being prepared to take a risk and to travel to see each other has been very important and we always say that if you begin any relationship online you must try and bring it into physical reality as soon as possible and as regular as possible until it become permanent.

Is Destiny real

Taking action is actually a big part of the whole key to living a fulfilling and interesting life. Whether it small action or large action nothing will happen until you take some!

So what about you?

Do you look back at your life so far and marvel at the complex connections that have taken place to bring you to where you are now? The times when you think you are going in the wrong direction, when things seem not to be working or uncomfortable only to find later that if they didn’t happen you would not have then achieved some form of success or joy!

With Love and Inspiration