You know with 3 teenage boys to look after and from different cultures we are constantly trying to adjust ourselves, be flexible, having the right attitude while giving them the best advice we can to help them in their future lives.


One of the things we are always aware of is healthy attitudes and in particular being humble and always trying to give the best of yourself.

We know this is not that easy. Even for us as adults we have to check ourselves because it is so easy to let life, our wants and emotions and ego get in the way and cloud our behavior. Trying to explain this to others is also sometimes difficult and trying to explain and teach it to teenagers even more so.

In our own relationship we constantly try to maintain this attitude of giving the best of ourselves to each other. We have a strong mindset of making each other feel like the most important person in the world and we believe this is a key ingredient in intimate relationships. We are lucky of course because it helps if you are actually in love with each other but you know even people in love can have difficulties sometimes and when those emotions and the ego get into the act it can turn negative very quickly and easily.

So we have been dealing with this whole issue recently of having the right attitude. Of transcending ego and giving the best of yourself to others and to all that you do. Easier said than done of course.

The right attitude

What we have found is that when you do this however it tends to bring out the best in others and that is why it is so important. People don’t even realize it sometimes because it happens on a subconscious level. But facing life and it’s many challenges with the right attitude, with an the right attitude of giving the best of yourself has amazing results.

Another way we have been looking at this is by saying

“Don’t try to be the best…Just try to be your best”


At the end of the day we all know life has it’s ups and downs, it has positive and negative and that the purpose of life is in the journey not necessarily the end result. After all it would be boring if we just go to the end result every time with no effort or journey wouldn’t it.

How we react and face the journey is the key to success and of getting the most out of the experience of life and that takes a clear and open attitude.

Chat again soon, All the best for now.