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Ratchanaburi to Bangkok road trip Thailand

On this trip we start in Ratchanaburi to stay at Rakhman resort and then traveled back to Bangkok stopping for some local ice cream along the way.

Ratchaburi is a province in central Thailand to the west of Bangkok, bordering Myanmar (Burma). It’s known for the Damnoen Saduak floating market, where vendors sell food, handicrafts and souvenirs from traditional wooden boats afloat on khlongs (canals) and is a popular part of Thailand Tourism.

The countryside features Bo Khloung’s hot springs and the nearby Khao Chon waterfall, with 9 terraced levels.

On the way back to Bangkok we stop for local ice cream and then later back in Bangkok we buy some Jurien fruit from a street vendor and end up eating Dim sim in a downtownBangkok restaurant.

We get a little silly at the end as Dean messes around preparing for Songkran festivities and Angellahas a laughing fit in a restaurant….


The buzzing atmosphere of Yaowarat Road ‘Chinatown’ Bangkok Thailand

Chinese and Thai culture is very intertwined all over Thailand. But just like every major City there is always a particular location named “Chinatown” where the Chinese culture is very prominent

Yaowarat Road Chinatown would have to be on the top 10 list of places to visit in Bangkok

Yaowarat Road is in Samphanthawong district and Bangkok’s Chinatown is centered on Sam Pheng Lane Chinatown’s Sam Pheng Market.

Thai people refer to Chinatown as Yaowarat ( pronounced Yawolard for Westerners ) and it is one of the top things to do in Bangkok

Walking in the busiest part of Chinatown  we sample the local markets and street food ( which was a bit hot for Dean ) and the general buzzing atmosphere of street vendors, food stalls and of course the Bangkok traffic

It’s more than just about business…it’s about!

Are you looking to do something more in your life and want a new business opportunity to create that ultimate freedom you seek but in a way you can feel good about yourself and mix with those “like minded people”……… but you are tired of fake!!!!!


Maybe because you have already been around the block a few times, seen that, been there done that, got the T’shirt you would actually like to be able to put all that life experience and wisdom to use now and you would just love it if what you have learned could help others in some way.

Even better is that you are still open to learn new things, you realize there is always something new to learn and even though you are this age you are constantly learning, in fact you have come to the understanding that the more you know the more you realize you don’t know and sometimes you even feel like life has just begun.

And here is the thing. Because you have seen a lot in your life you know that it is now important for you to not just find a good business opportunity you can really believe in and get yourself behind but also that the people you have to work with to build it are on the same wavelength.

A lot of companies and people can say the same thing right?

Well that is what we have found since being involved in Network Marketing. We’ve done pretty well…..with this company we have an organisation with nearly 200 people, won trips around the world, spoken on stage a number of times, earned a few commissions and lots of free stuff and we are only just starting! We have a great system, we are doing a lot of it online, we have some good products that actually work….but hey a lot of companies and people can say the same thing right?

It’s about building a Network of people you can work with,

get along with, that you really want to help not just make money off them or them you

That’s why we know this business is about people too. It’s about building a Network of people you can work with, get along with, that you really want to help not just make money off them and them you. And it’s about having some fun along the way….success is not an event it’s a journey and there are always challenges and obstacles along the way so why not do it with people you like?

So we want to choose the people we build this with, we are not afraid to be different, to stand up for what we believe in, be authentic and create success at the same time. If you want the same and resonate with where we are coming from then maybe we should chat and see if we are a good fit?


So find out more about us, the opportunity we are working with and

whether we can work together or not.

We don’t like pushing or dragging people into something that’s not right for them or us. We are doing things a bit different…..message us at  and tell us what you are looking for.


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How to get your self confidence back and increase your happiness when you lose weight the natural way

The Natural Formula we used to lose 8kg in a few months that actually improved our health as well….

Couple weight loss

We had both been trying to lose weight for some time, in fact Angella had always been up and down with her weight all her life. I was fortunate it was only until I hit my 40’s that the weight started to appear and as I have approached 50 the weight gets harder to lose.

When we met back in 2009 we were both in good shape but since living in Australia and the lifestyle there has piled on a few kg’s….and getting older has made weight management a more serious issue. In fact on a recent visit to the Doctor for a health check in 2016 he told me I needed to lose 10kg….at that stage I was 95kg.

We are not fans of crazy fad diets as we both still like to enjoy eating good food and a few drinks ( well I do Angella doesn’t drink much alcohol ) and like most people we were vary wary of the chemicals in some weight loss pills and the consequences of side effects later. Neither of us like to kill ourselves in the gym everyday either so we needed something that was easy and would fit our lifestyle.

We wanted something that would work, was easy to do and was 100% natural…..

In 2016 we joined the natural health revolution and have been trying out many alternative and natural health solutions since with some great results in improved health…….. and weight loss has been one of those great results!

So in this video we reveal the formula we have used to get such great but realistic results……….oh and that’s another thing too, these are realistic results….not we lost 100kg in 2 days by eating nothing but chocolate sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV! There is a little bit of effort involved,

If you want a free pdf guide book of this exact formula and what we use

that also includes a key secret ingredient that will increase your results

then go to the bottom of this page and opt in to download it


Opt in here for the free pdf guide of the Natural Health Weight Loss formula we have used plus the key secret ingredient!!!!

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Don’t focus on what you’ve lost…..

This is part of an inspiring article by Roger James Hamilton


Elon Musk lost $180M and was in debt in 2008. Seven years later, he’s worth $13 billion, but he’d be ready to risk it all again. Steve Jobs lost his entire Apple fortune by 1994, betting it on NeXT and Pixar. In 1995 everything turned around, he sold NeXT to Apple, Pixar to Disney and he passed away an icon. Walt Disney mortgaged away his entire fortune in the 1950s to build Disneyland, against everyone’s advice. He too went from giving up everything to becoming a legend. Each bet everything material they had on something invisible – their purpose and vision.

Monks call the state that comes after giving up everything “Moksha” which means liberation from the illusion. We’re not alive until we know what we’d die for.

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs unintentionally find themselves in this state by betting everything on their dream. Maybe you’re in this place right now. It is a place of pure power. When you have nothing to lose, you have infinite potential.

That is provided you don’t focus on what you’ve lost, but on everything you have to gain. That’s when everything turns around. As Walt Disney said “I don’t make movies to make money. I make money to make movies”.

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